Guess what I am talking about?

Let’s play together at: Guess what I am talking about?

1-We are, not quite sure if we love them or hate them.
2-Sometimes thick, sometimes thin, round or square & too often oversized.
3-We have, been laughing at them for decades looking at 80’s fashion pictures & now, they are making a huge come back.

Should I continue?Or you know already that I am talking about shoulder pads!

Let’s go back in time. According to my friend Wiki; Elsa Schiaparelli first has introduced them to women outfit in the 30’s. She is an Italian designer known for being Coco Chanel biggest rival. It’s only after World War 2, as fashion was mostly influence by military looks, that shoulder pad in women garment been widely popularized. With my other friend Google, I have, just for fun, typed in: shoulder pads queen. Are you curious?

First award goes to Joan Crawford. She is the real trendsetter of shoulder pads. In the 40’s, statement is clear with the movie Mildred Pierce. Second award goes to Joan Collins staring in America’s # 1 TV show, in the 80’s: Dynasty. Third award goes to Princess Diana, which I just noticed have very few famous looks that comes without shoulder pads. Last award, but not the least goes to Lady Gagathat really, I have to say, brought it to another level.

So, in regards to today’s look, I have chose to wear my blazer with a belt. Unless you are going for a very boyfriend look, wide shoulders, often looks nice contrasting with a small waist. What else about this look, J brand jeans for 10 box that is all I have to say!

Finally, I could not talk about shoulder pads without sending you have a look to Balmain Spring 14,Fall 13Spring 13….

Oh also just getting on Fall 14 New York fashion week catwalks & shoulder pads are everywhere…Be ready…

Ok one very last thing, have a shot everytime I say shoulder pads in this text & you will have a funny day.

Shirt : Bought for 5 $
Purse : Bought for 5 $
Earring : Bought for 3 $
Shoes : Bought for 15 $
Blazer : Bought for 10 $
J Brand jeans : Bought for 10 $
Belt : Bought for 3 $

Total value of this look : 51 $

Look photo Bruno Berthelet


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