Chunky knits + midi skirt = today’s look

Chunky knits + midi skirts = Today’s look

If you imagine chunky knits in your head, to what level do you get? I thought today’s look sweater, was pretty chunky. But there might be chunkier right?

In life, it appears that there are always people to push things further & bring it to another level. In regards to knit chunkiness, to what level can it get?

As I was researching I fell on few interesting things.

First, anyone heard of arm knitting? As silly as it sound it is the right direction for chunkiness. Either for big scarf or for interior design stuff, arm knitting gives fantastic result!

Wait there is chunkier.

Artist Laura Elizabeth Davis, with her knitting skills has been designing one of Diesel concept store window a couple years ago. My saying is, if you got to be two, to be able to knit, girl you are in for a chunky project.

Wait there is chunkier

Ok just fell in love yesterday, with this Germain artist, Bauke Knottnerus.  With his modern twist to knit, he has been redefining boundaries of knits chunkiness. His project, Phat knit, is a series of giant thread, knit together to create interior products. If you don’t have enough of the pictures I just linked, go see this video it’s flabbergasting!

The twist this season with your chunky knits is to where them with a midi length skirt. Not too long, not to short, just few inches bellow knee. Last week I was talking about wearing your long sweater as a dress. Not ready for it yet? Just pair it with the midi length skirt. PreenMickeal KorsHugo Boss &Oscar de la Renta are on it, have a look!

Sweater : Bought for 6 $
Skirt : Bought for 6 $
Hat : Bought for 2 $
Clutch : Bought for 5 $
Brooch : Bought for 3 $
Shoes : Bought for 15 $

Total value of this look : 37$

Look photo Bruno Berthelet


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