When old jeans become art

Denim, denim, denim…This fabric we love. Jeans, jeans, jeans, this garment we can’t live without. As I am writing this very sentence, I am enjoying a coffee in a coffee shop by my place. We are nearly 20 peoples inside & every single person wear  jeans. Seriously, it is like nothing else exist right? Jeans are so fabulous in every way why would we wear anything else? Fabulous yes but the making process…sorry to say it loud but…not so glamour.

I feel like sharing some big numbers with you! Big numbers are fun…sometime scary, in this case just completely alarming .

-More then 2.5 billion yards of denim is produce every year.
-About 450 millions pairs of jeans is sold per year just in the US.
-One pair of jeans is sold every second worldwide.
-1.5 millions of tons of cotton is required per year to fulfill this demand.
-5200 litters of water is required to get one kg of cotton & nearly half of it needed for one pair of jeans.

Do you ear it loud…the alarm?

This equation keep coming back to my head. If 1L bottle of water is about 2$ in stores & we need 2500 litters of water to produce one pair of jeans how can we find jeans for 19$?

As I am myself currently experimenting different ways of reusing denim, I am for most interested in what others have found so far to make worth 2500 litters of waters.

Here is my top 3 favorites:

3rd position  goes to Legend blues & furniture designer Liz Richardson, who create chic antique style chairs.

2nd position goes to Jeffrey Wang & is project Persona. He have been creating remarkable art pieces gowns out of old pairs of jeans.

1st position goes to artist Ian Berry alias Denimu. This british artist based in Sweden make detailed portrait and urban landscape using varying shades of the discarded jeans. The effect is amazingly precise.

P.S. If you are like me fascinated by big number statistic, go visit the website GloboMeter, which is all sort of statistic in real time, you will be stunned.

Scarf : Bought for 4$
Brooch : Bought for 3$
Earring : Bought for 3$
Sweater : Bought for 6$
Jeans : Bought for 10$
Sandals : Bought foe 9$
Shirt : Bought for 10$
Purse : Bought for 14$

Total value of this look : 59$

Look photo Bruno Berthelet



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